Omron HEM-790IT

Notice: The Omron BP791IT 10+ Series is the newer model of the Omron HEM-790IT.

The Omron HEM-790IT is a popular choice among many individuals looking to take control of their blood pressure.  As heart disease is on the rise and remains the #1 killer in America, sharing information with your doctor couldn’t be more important than ever.   With this blood pressure monitor, you’ll get Omron’s Advanced Health Management Software to help you monitor and track your blood pressure trends.  The software is very easy to use.   With a USB connection and one click, the Omron HEM-790IT will present to you your measurements graphically and how you’ve been trending over time.

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Omron’s Health Management Software – We all love graphs, right? They’re even better if the graphs are related to our health and how we are progressing.  It will display to you a morning/evening systolic and diastolic comparison in your blood pressure along with your heart rate.  You can export the information to a PDF file or even print it out to bring to your doctor.  Here a couple pictures of the software in action.







Hypertension Tracking – Why is tracking at home so important?  Three reasons:

  • White-coast Hypertension: Your blood pressure is high at the doctor’s office but lower at home.
  • Masked Hypertension: Your blood pressure is lower at the doctor’s office but higher at home.
  • Morning Hypertension: Elevated blood pressure in the morning.

As you can probably tell, trying to get a grasp on your blood pressure if you have hyper tension can be difficult so it’s really important to track it throughout the day.  The trends of any of these should be monitored closely by you and your doctor.  Information is power.

IntelliSense Technology – By automatically detecting the appropriate inflation level while it’s in use, the Omron HEM-790IT IntelliSense technology allows you to never have to adjust the inflation level of your blood pressure monitor.  This is nice because you’ll get a personalized inflation every time which will benefit those with heart disorders where your blood pressure fluctuates.


Some complain that the software might need work.  One of the main complaints include that it’s not that flexible with the data it displays and some users can’t “slice and dice” information they are looking for.   Most of these complaints seem to be very minor in nature.  The majority of its users have no complaints at all and find it to suit their needs just fine.

Some other powerful features of the Omron HEM-790IT:

  • IntelliSense® technology – produce consistently very accurate readings
  • ComFit Cuff – preformed and very comfortable fit for medium and large sized arms
  • Simple and silent one touch operation
  • Irregular heartbeat detections
  • Supports 2 different users for data collection
  • 5 year warranty

Here’s what a current user has to say about this blood pressure montor:

OK, I got this cuff because I have a VERY picky physician. I haven’t been tracking my BP too well and was read the “riot act” in order to have me go and get a cuff. Well, he said that, no matter which cuff I got, HE would have to check it for accuracy, and that he rejects over half of all the cuffs he sees. BTW, don’t even think about getting a finger or wrist cuff. He rejects most all of them for inaccuracies of some sort. He also wanted me to email him my readings every month and he would call me in if he saw a problem trend. So I got this unit because it allows me to just download the readings and I could paste them into an email and everyone would be happy. And I got it from Amazon because they have an iron-clad return policy, just in case I needed to exercise it. Well, the day came that I sent in my first batch of readings and went in to have the unit (and me) checked. My doctor gave my cuff perfect marks.

Shortened review, find the full review here.

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