Omron HEM-650Notice:  The Omron BP-652 7 Series  is the newer model of the Omron HEM-650

The Omron HEM-650 wrist blood pressure monitor is portable, accurate and convenient to use.  It’s great if you want to take it on the road or for those who have trouble with have an arm cuff fit your arm.  It provides you systolic/diastolic readings along with your pulse.  It’ll pick up irregular heartbeats and show you the averages of your last 3 readings.

Omron has a great reputation with the quality of their blood pressure monitors . The Omron HEM-650 for your wrist is no different, especially with Omron’s IntelliSense technology included to make sure you get the most accurate reading.

The Omron HEM-650 also comes with APS (Advances Position Sensor) which is very specific to wrist blood pressure monitors which has a unique positioning censor that will ensure that the cuff is level with the user’s heart.

I’d highly recommend buying from Amazon if this is what you want.

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Smaller and Portable – Most of the upper-arm blood pressure monitors tend to be larger and have a few working parts.  The best part about the Omron HEM-650 is that you can pack it away easily and you’re not skimping out on quality or accurate readings, either.   It’s also great to easily take to work with you as well so you can take your readings during the day.

IntelliSense technology – Omron has done a great job of included this feature in most of their blood pressure monitors.  IntelliSense allows you to not have to manually adjust the inflation settings.  It will automatically detect how much it needs to inflate after your press the start button, giving you a personalized reading for every use.  This is great for those who have heart disorders where your blood pressure can fluctuate.


Single user readings – This will be fine for most users who only need to have readings for themselves.  However, if you want to have to readings and data stored separately from yours on the same device for perhaps, a significant other, you may want to look at another model that has that feature.


  • Advanced Positioning Sensor
  • IntelliSense technology
  • Detects irregular heartbearts
  • 90 memory data storage


  • 5 Years

Where to buy?

Amazon has it for a great price and they also make customer service issues easy to deal with as well.

The customer reviews are yielding well for the Omron HEM-650, here’s one:

I got this wrist unit to travel with, and it’s amazing. First, the results agree to within a point or two with the big unit (which in turn agrees well with measurements at the doctor’s office). So, it’s consistently accurate. Second, it’s cool to use – at least for gadget freaks. You fasten it to your wrist, turn it on, and it starts beeping. Holding the elbow of the arm with the device on it with the opposite hand, you start raising your wrist toward your heart. As you near the right location, the beeping gets faster, and when you are right on, the machine starts running. You just hold it there for a bit until it stops running, and you’re done. Works every time.

Read the full review here.

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