Black Tea

Drinking tea (the good kinds) are always going to have good perks.  This time around, there was a study done about black tea and how it can work to reduce blood pressure.  They found that drinking 3 cups of black tea a day can work to help reduce your blood pressure by about 2 to 3 points, which doesn’t sound like much.   However, only a few points can make a huge difference for your risk of heart attack and different forms of hypertension.

Tea includes many benefits, most notably antioxidants and flavanoids.  What I recommend is finding a tea that you think will suit you and introduce it into your routine.  Have it in the morning or before bed.

My favorite tea’s that I like to drink are White Tea and Ginger Tea (helps with digestive system).


I also read another article today about how swimming can reduce the blood pressure of inactive people over 50.  Swimming is really good for older people because it takes little effort to get yourself moving.  It will also prevent you from overheating as well.  Swimming is one of the better cardiovascular workouts you can do, at any age.  This explains what I see a lot of older people swimming nowadays!  Truthfully, it makes me want to start swimming myself.

Good cardio workouts are necessary to move blood and oxygen through your body.  When you’re in an inactive state for long periods of time (days or months), your heart is used to pumping at similar pressures through your arteries.  This can lead to a build of plaque in your arteries and ultimately cause them to stretch.  Getting your blood moving, through exercise, can really work to eliminate some of these possibilities.


Another great antioxidant that can help to reduce your blood pressure is kiwi.  There was a study done about kiwi and how it could affect levels of blood pressure.  Now, it’s well known that fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants that are ultimately healthy for you.  So, eating kiwi (since it’s a fruit), seems obvious that it should help your blood pressure.  The study came back showing that it does have some benefits of lowering blood pressure as well as the improving the platelet aggregation in male smokers.

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