Omron BP652 7 SeriesThe Omron Bp652 7 Series Blood Pressure Wrist Unit (updated version of the Omron HEM-650) is one of the must-have devices for people who suffer from conditions related to high or low blood pressure. Over the years, Omron has gained a solid status of attaining excellence in the field of medical equipment and this blood pressure monitor is no different. The sleek design and portability combined with the pinpoint accuracy readings and user friendly interface are what deem Omron Bp652 7 Series Blood Pressure Wrist Unit one of the better monitors in its category. Moreover, this incredibly powerful BP monitor is currently available for a low price (check discounted price at with free shipping).


Product Features of the Omron Bp652 7 Series

  • The heart level indicator allows users to find out whether they are positioning the monitor at heart level, in order to attain the most accurate reading;
  • The Omron Bp652 7 Series Blood Pressure Wrist Unit has a two person mode, meaning that you can take up to 100 blood pressure recordings for each patient and a total of 200 blood pressure recordings;
  • The blood pressure display indicates the current rate using oscillometry, a technique that takes readings based on the vibration rate of the blood inside your vessels;
  • The unit is able to sense lopsided heartbeats better than most oscillometrical devices, up to the level of clinical aneroid units;
  • Excellent portability and sleek design that allow you to wear it anywhere you want and take blood pressure measurements throughout the entire day;
  • The Omron Bp652 7 Series Blood Pressure Wrist Unit has thoroughly effective means of guiding the user on correct hand positioning and it will automatically take the readings once it is placed correctly;
  • Superior averaging methods that can display your blood pressure measurements taken for up to eight weeks with the appropriate timestamps.

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Product review Omron Bp652 7 Series

Customers who have bought and tested the Omron Bp652 7 Series Blood Pressure Wrist Unit were pleasantly surprised by the accuracy that this monitor can offer.  Some have found it was pretty accurate compared to devices employed by health care professionals. Several customer reviews state that the difference between the readings taken at the doctor’s office and the ones taken with the device afterwards was around 1mmHG. However, even this small difference is justifiable considering that the aneroid measurements inflating on the vessels will modify the blood pressure value for a certain amount of time.

In addition, the detailed manual that the Omron Bp652 7 Series Blood Pressure Wrist Unit comes with can teach anyone how to set, position, and use this BP reader properly.  However complex the technology employed by Omron to provide readings with pinpoint accuracy, the user interface facilitates the usage of the device for each and every user.  Many of the people who reviewed the monitor on gave it a high rating to average out at a healthy 4.5 out of 5 stars.  If you’re needing a wrist blood pressure monitor that’s perfect for being portable, you’ll want this consider this model.

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