I just read this article from Medical News Today about how a lot of clinics aren’t measuring blood pressure according to AHA (American Heart Association) guidelines.  You would expect the AHA to update their guidelines every so often as more and more research is done.  It’s also not surprising to see that clinics or doctor’s offices aren’t keeping up to speed with the latest guidelines.  Why?  Well, maybe to save time and cost.  Whatever the reason, I wouldn’t want to be diagnosed with a blood pressure illness or hypertension and potentially receive unnecessary treatment.

The point I’m trying to make is that it’s a good idea to be pretty educated and knowledgeable about your blood pressure if you feel like you’re prone to the complications. Many blood pressure monitors, including the ones we review on this site, have hypertension indicators and are engineered to keep up with AHA guidelines.  It’s also really important to know what kinds of practices will get you accurate blood pressure results that are consistent such as arm position or holding the monitor at heart level if you need to.

Record your results, bring them to your doctor, compare and contrast.  The more knowledgeable you are about your status, the more peace of mind you can have. It can also lead to a better Patient/Doctor relationship as well.

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