Who’s The Reviewer And Why Should I Listen To You?

My name is Dan Thomas.  I’m an avid health and fitness enthusiast.  My family has a history of high blood pressure that is concerning enough to make sure that I know everything I can about the risks and how to manage it.

I’ve done tons of research about how blood pressure works, how you can lower it, what kind of blood pressure monitors are the best, which features you should consider, and more.

Although I’m not a medical professional, I am someone that is just like you that is concerned about the same problems.  I want to make sure you that you are completely informed before making any purchases about any blood pressure monitor, so I developed this review site.

Where Do You Get Your Information?

Good question!  I’ve owned a few a monitors of my own, so I understand how they work.  Also,in order to find out the most I can about the monitors themselves, I go straight to the manufacturer and pick apart their user manuals.  I also make it a point to read other user reviews so I can get their feedback as well.

How Can I Contact You?

Well, you can contact me via email, posting a comment on this site, or following me on Twitter.

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @HealthCrazyDan

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